The smartest way to promote yourself

  • By presenting the wide range of properties this clear and easy, the property searcher will easily receive and absorb this information so that a probability of a match is greater. Through the interaction between the searcher and CheckPablo, we obtain user information, which can provide insight to the real-estate broker.

  • More leads

    We will provide more leads to your property-pages, contact-forms and your own profile page.

  • More time for buyers, we take care of the marketing

    With CheckPablo both consumers and real-estate brokers are online facilitated via one brand experience, one ‘front door’.

  • Design/User Experience

    Check Pablo ensures optimal user-friendliness (intuitive use) with a focus on clear property- and contact-information.

  • Personal profile page

    Visitors are searching for a reliable real-estate broker. Therefore one can also search for brokers in order that people get a good notion of your experience and added value.

  • Good transltation

    CheckPablo is accessible to everyone. All property-pages are in Dutch, German, Danish, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

  • Data insights

    We give you feedback obtained from our visitors-data. This ensures that your property offer better suits the needs of people who are searching.

  • Search functionalities

    Easy using either a list or a map, but also by using the name of the broker. CheckPablo offers property seekers different ways to search.

  • Overview

    A clear overview of all your properties, favorites and reviews, wherever you are, on your laptop, smartphone or iPad.

And that in 4 easy steps

  • 1. Sign up

    After registration it is important to fill out your profile entirely. Where are you specialized in? In which area are you active? Basically, what is your value added to potential buyers.

  • 2. Publish your properties

    You can publish your properties in a few simple steps. Provide as much information as possible. Drag and drop the pointer on the map to determine the location (approximately) of the property.

  • 3. Get requests

    After publishing the property it is easy for people interested to request information. Through a simple form you’ll receive immediately requests for information in your inbox.

  • 4. Reviews

    After the inquiry it is up to the one interested to review you on the criteria of quality, communication, service and reliability.

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